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Welcome to P&C. We produced this website with the aim of expanding, assisting and improving the quality of our services for the sale of our eco friendly shoes. Please refer to the basic rules outlined in it.
The information presented on the website may change at any time without prior communication according to the need to optimize and improve our work, to facilitate communication with you who are our customer, as well as information related to prices, terms, availability, description products, among others. This standard will not bring any type of inconvenience as it is within the ethical limits of our Company.


Quality of our products
Our shoes are made with high quality materials:
Adequate insoles and shock absorbers, designed exactly to provide comfort on the walk!

LEATHER = All the leather production of our suppliers goes through a continuous process of monitoring quality and sustainability based on the environmental protocol LWG *.
* Environmental Protocol LWG = It is a protocol developed to maintain and evaluate the compliance and environmental performance features of tanners, promoting sustainable and appropriate environmental business practices within the leather industry.

FABRIC = Our fabrics are produced from recycled yarns (from reused raw materials) and discarded PET bottle fibers, thus eliminating chemical processes and the use of water, reducing the
environmental impact.
Other fabrics follow low environmental impact criteria.

Product information
All products featured in the virtual catalog are available for purchase online.
Information on prices and availability of our products is subject to change.
Our products are sold so far only in our online store and will be sent by post. The prices of our products are quoted in Brazil in national currency (Real) valid only in the Brazilian territory.

Product colors
The colors of the products are shown with the maximum fidelity possible, since the accuracy cannot be guaranteed, due to the capacity of each user's screen.

Our tips
The tips available on the website are made by a professional in the Fashion sector who follows the trends of cultures, tastes and preferences as a way of expression around the world, being able to assist our customers with valuable guidance on aesthetic, chromatic and textile combinations.
If the customer has any questions after purchasing Peace and Colors products, how to use or combine them, please do not hesitate to contact us. It will be a pleasure to serve you!


Delivery of products

The prices, promotions, delivery freight and payment terms informed on this website are valid only for purchases via the Internet linked to availability in our stock. We reserve the right to correct or change information and prices at any time without notice. If you have any questions, please contact us.


Delivery service

We deliver by post. We deliver all products available for sale on the site throughout the country.
The goods can be received by third parties, such as condominium porters and family members, as long as they sign the receipt of the goods.
For deliveries made by the Post Office, three attempts are made to deliver the product on consecutive business days. In the event of three unsuccessful delivery attempts, the product will be returned to our Distribution Center. For a new shipment, the validity remains the same as the first informed delivery period.


Product exchange or return

Peace and Colors knows that the customer who buys at their store does not try their product, so it offers many facilities to make them feel safe and happy when purchasing the chosen product.
If when you receive our product you are not satisfied with the purchase, because you were not comfortable when you tried it, you can exchange it for the same model with a different number. If there is no more in our stock, you can choose to receive an exchange voucher for the same amount paid.
Only the first exchange is on us.

We have a special SAC for exchanges: . Through this SAC that meets on business days during business hours, you will have all the attention, guidance and measures. Our team has an obligation
leave you satisfied with a good service to your demands.
In the case of shoes, to facilitate the exchange, you will be able to inform in millimeters the measurements of the model that interests you, from a similarly shaped model that you already have, and we will return advising you on the appropriate number and the probability of it being comfortable for your feet.


Exchange and return policy

The first exchange of the product will be free, as long as you follow some requirements;

• The request for exchange within 7 (seven) business days after receiving the product.
• The item must be returned in its original packaging, accompanied by all accessories, manual and without signs of use.
• The merchandise must be returned by means of a postage authorization, which will be requested by e-mail:
• The first attempt to exchange the order will be on behalf of the store, on other exchange requests the costs of posting the product will be on the requestor's account.

• The choice of the other product should be according to availability in stock. If there is a price difference, the same should be done according to the options available on the website.


Product with alleged manufacturing failure

The products sold by P&C are guaranteed and in case of any defect, inform us immediately through technical support, counting from the date of receipt - but within 15 calendar days to obtain clarification of the fact.
The company will make an immediate exchange for another product, and if we do not have the same model in stock, the customer can choose another model of the same product, observing the prices of the items available in our virtual store.
If any customer does not want to exchange for another product, nor the repair requested, the Store will refund the amount paid for the product, however the postage value will not be refunded, since we offer it to our customers.
customers the option of exchanging and repairing the defective product.
Another issue is when the customer requests the repair of the purchased product, but when analyzing the product, P & C concludes that the repair is not viable, in this case, we refund the amount paid by the customer.



P & C offers a 30-day repair warranty after receipt of the part. If a problem occurs during this period that was not the result of misuse or damage, please contact us by e-mail, which works on weekdays and business hours.
If the possibility of exchange is verified, there will be no additional charge.
Upon arrival, the product will be evaluated and a report will be provided. Even if misuse or malfunction is identified, we will do our best to make improvements. If the problem is a production defect, you can choose via e-mail to exchange or replace the product.

Terms and conditions for exchange

You have up to 07 business days from receipt to return or exchange your product, if you are interested. But this option requires that it is unused, in its original packaging and with the invoice that accompanied it.


What are the paying ways?

You can make the payment through the options available in Pag Seguro.


After payment of the ticket, when will the purchase be sent?

For the product to be shipped, it is necessary to wait for the payment confirmation by the banking institution that takes place, within 3 business days of its operation.


What is the delivery time for my order?

Products purchased at the P&C online store after ordering are delivered by post and therefore are subject to delivery times in accordance with the customer's zip code.


I didn't receive a confirmation email, what could have happened?

After completing the order, a confirmation email is sent to the customer. As with all subsequent emails, which inform the status of your order. If you haven't received the email, check your SPAM box, maybe the email went straight there. If the emails are not in the SPAM folder, you may have registered your email with an error. Any questions you can contact us through the contacts available on our website.


I didn't receive my product, what do I do?

Check the progress of your order on the post office website using the tracking number provided by email. In case of doubts, you can contact us too, and we will follow along with the reason why the product has not yet been delivered.


Payment options

The Customer will be able to pay for their Purchases on the website through the Pag Seguro platform. For the safety of its operations in order to prevent fraud, Peace and Colors reserves the right to refuse credit cards from third parties or credit cards issued abroad.



This is a 100% secure store and uses the technology of Cookies only to provide greater ease at the time of your purchase. The purpose of the Cookie is to fully customize your navigation on the website, allowing greater
agility and facilitating the purchasing process.


How to participate in the photo gallery and disclosures?

If you want to participate in the Peace and Colors photo gallery and have the opportunity to appear in our disclosures on the website and on social networks just follow the steps below. Be aware that:

  • The submitted photo may or may not be used in our visual material.

  • All photos submitted undergo a content and relevance assessment according to P&C guidelines before being used.

  • You have all rights to transmit the photo to Peace and Colors, without generating any type of burden.

We are a family owned and operated business.

How to send my photo?

Send us an email following the instructions:

  1. Email:

  2. Subject: I want to be at the P&C Gallery

  3. Attachment: "YOUR PHOTO".

  4. Text: I " your full name " would like to be part of the Peace and Colors photo gallery. I am aware that my photo may or may not be chosen to be part of the gallery, or any other disclosure on the website and / or social networks. I agree and I have all the rights to transmit the photo to Peace and Colors, without any type of burden.