Calçado MAKí Napa Fóssil Vermelho visão 1

MAKí Napa Fóssil

The old style Fossil Napa Leather has natural aging characteristics. The colored surface has a non-uniform aspect, with dyeing within environmental standards.


    Description: Fossil Napa Leather


    Insole: Pre-molded, super soft EVA. Anatomic internal shock absorber designed for greater comfort and convenience.

    Sole: In micro expanded PVC. Sole height: approximately 3.8 cm, with high technology, excellent mechanical properties, allowing a good diversity of movement.


    Touch of color: The color Red Tomato is luminous and gives a touch in all situations of combinations. It is a good option if you want to dare in a cheerful and jovial way! Vibrant red with personality!


Color: Red Tomato

Sustainable FABRIC, made with raw material recycled in 30% PET fiber and 70% reused cotton for spinning.