Logo Peace and Colors

We are a 100% Brazilian brand, created in 2017 with the idea of offering fashionable, durable products with low environmental impact, bringing all the energy of colors, with total respect and reverence to our Planet!

We demystify this outdated idea that sustainability does not match beauty and quality. We work on a tripod: sustainability, design and technology.

Always ahead with technological innovations of materials, in the way of making shoes, thinking about comfort and other details. We grew up together with you!

We design our products looking for style and comfort.

Our shoes are made with high quality materials, with suitable pads and shock absorbers, designed exactly to provide an excellent walk!

All of our suppliers' leather production goes through a continuous quality and sustainability monitoring process based on the LWG environmental protocol. The LWG is a protocol developed to maintain and evaluate the compliance and environmental performance features of tanners, promoting sustainable and appropriate environmental business practices within the leather industry.

Our fabrics are produced from recycled yarns (from reused raw materials) and discarded PET bottle fibers, thus eliminating chemical processes and water use, reducing the environmental impact.

Other fabrics follow low environmental impact criteria.

In practice, any human activity has an impact on the environment.
So what to do?

1. Adopt the concept of conscious consumption.

2. Take in what is good for all of us and for the environment.

3. Commit to responsible consumption by purchasing products that add services and behaviors, that have a low environmental impact, without compromising product quality and that are, above all, reliable!

We are friends of nature, we are eco-friendly!



Our production is not on a large scale, we work according to the demands of our customers.

We cannot always use (some) materials more than once in the collection because we depend, in part, on the raw material available at that time.

At other times, it is the product manufacturing process that requires time for a new order.
The Design Laboratory studies and observes the trend in total harmony with our customers, either by bringing new fashion proposals, or by reducing inventories due to the assertiveness in the offer.